MOC Factory 89173 Stranger Things Demogorchid

MOC Factory 89173 Stranger Things Demogorchid


Part count: 407 bricks
Age Range: > 6 years old

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China Warehouse
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✅ MOC-89173 Stranger Things Demogorchid

✅The “Stranger Things Demogorchid” is a monstrous aberration that combines the predatory instincts of the Demogorgon with the eerie botanical features of the Mind Flayer’s influence. It appears as a grotesque fusion of flesh and flora, with tentacle-like vines and petal-like appendages sprouting from its twisted form.


Product Name: Stranger Things Demogorchid

Category: Movie

This Kit Contains: F-C9119

407 pcs Good Quality Bricks

Weight: 0.3 kg

PDF Instructions

📌Nature of the protagonist

Introducing our proud collection named “Stranger Things Demogorchid” you should not miss.

This abomination stalks the darkened corridors of the Upside Down, blending seamlessly with the eerie vegetation that thrives in that hostile realm. It preys upon any unfortunate creatures that wander too close, using its razor-sharp tendrils to ensnare and consume its victims. The Demogorchid serves as a manifestation of the interconnectedness between the predatory nature of the Demogorgon and the insidious influence of the Mind Flayer’s control over the Upside Down. It represents a new level of terror, combining the physical prowess of the Demogorgon with the strategic cunning of the Mind Flayer’s sinister intelligence.


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